Lunch Specials

L1. Lunch Box
All lunch boxes include 3 side dishes, 2 pieces of pan fried dumplings, 2 pieces of Kimbab (Rice Roll), or white or brown rice and daily soup

Choose 1 Item from following:

Yang Nyum Tofu Pan fried tofu topped with seaweed & house sauce
Go Deung Uh Gui Pan fried salted mackerel
Bul Go Gi Grilled marinated slices of beef
Chicken Bul Go Gi Grilled spicy marinated filet of chicken
Pork Bul Go Gi Grilled spicy marinated slices of pork
Chicken Gui Grilled chicken breast with special house sauce
Yun Uh Gui Grilled salmon with special house sauce
Chicken Katsu Deep fried chicken cutlet
L2. Bi Bim Bab (Cold Dish)
Rice mixed with seven kinds of vegetables and beef / chicken / tofu of your choice, topped with an egg, with spicy sauce on the side
L3. Bok Um Bab
Choice of chicken / beef / shrimp fried rice with vegetables
L4. Duk Man Du Guk
Rice cakes and dumplings with beef broth and egg soup
L5. Kimchi Zhi Gae
Kimchi, pork and tofu in a spicy broth
L7. Soon Tofu Seafood
Smashed soft tofu stew with seafood & vegetables